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SBC Event Special Services
We offer a number of ways to customize and enhance your Smyrna Bowling Center Event.
We refer to these as Event Special Services. Following here is a list of the services we commonly offer. Please let us know ahead of time if any of these services appeal to you in planning your Smyrna Bowling Center Event. You may note these in the Special Services section of the contact form regarding arrangements for your group event. You may also make us aware by calling us at 615-355-0501. We look forward to helping you make your Group Event at Smyrna Bowling Center fun and memorable.

  1. Billiard Tables :: This area can be segregated exclusively for your event. We have two coin operated pool tables.

  2. Juke BoxJuke Box :: For large groups taking up 30 or more lanes, we can offer unlimited use of the Juke Box for the rate of $25.00 for 3 Hours. This is automatically included at no charge for groups renting the entire bowling center.

  3. Moonlight Bowling :: For large events we can offer Moonlight Bowling. The house lights are brought down, leaving only the pin lights and our special lane cap lights which can pulse to the music.

  4. Colored Pins :: We have an assortment of colored pins which can be added to the mixture of pins on any lane. These offer the opportunity to include skill shots to your games and are a fantastic way to let your attendees win door prizes.

  5. Bumper Bowling :: For Children 6 and under, we offer Bumper Bowling on all lanes. These bumpers are strong enough for any bowler, and can be set to rise only when your 'little bowlers' are taking their turns.

  6. Prize CounterArcade :: We have a full service arcade in house. It boasts a number of hot games and some great non video game amusements too. Many of our games offer winners prize tickets which can be redeemed at our prize counter.

  7. Pre Staging :: All events at Smyrna Bowling Center are enhanced through this process of entering group names (teams & individuals) into the scoring system, having rental shoes placed at the lanes, and staging Food Services ahead of time. This way you and and your attendees can focus on the FUN!!!

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