Amenities at Smyrna Bowling Center

Smyrna Bowling Center offers a number of amenities for our customers. We cater to groups and businesses who need meeting space. We also offer League players conveniences that can make their bowling experience easier and more fun. For those breaks between bowling matches, our patrons can have some fun in our arcade or shoot a game of pool in the Spare Time Café. Additionally we sport a top notch independently owned pro shop, Bowler's Advantage Pro Shops, to service bowlers' specialized equipment needs.

Great video gamesWin tickets for prizes!Aside from the fantastic high quality lanes at Smyrna Bowling Center, we have a number of amusements for our patrons to enjoy. We have two separate arcades. We have modern video games and some old favorites. Included on that list are the popular "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Dance Dance Revolution. Many of our popular styled amusements give prize tickets which can be turned in at our prize counter for a variety of fun prizes. This is a big draw for our younger patrons who can have hours of fun while winning the right to claim the prizes of their choice when they collect enough prize tickets.

Arcade on This EndOur arcade down on "This End" features pool tables, claw games and yet more video games for those momentary diversions between bowling matches. So when Mom and Dad want to bowl and the kids are ready to do something else, there are great family alternatives. These extras and the family atmosphere at Smyrna Bowling Center make it a perfect place to bring the kids for hours of fun at a great value. Don't forget to feed the jukebox to bowl and play in time with all your favorite tunes!

Especially for League Members
Smyrna Bowling Center does our best to cater our League Bowlers. Two special conveniences we make available only for our League bowlers.

Storage lockersStorage Lockers :: Our storage lockers are top quality. We rent these solely to members of our Leagues, both fun leagues and sanctioned leagues. It is great to be able to come get your equipment right at Smyrna Bowling Center and not have to lug it back and forth. We rent locker space at $30.00 for the year with the term running from 9/01 through 8/31 the next year. If a locker is available during the year it must be rented through 8/31 at the rate of $3 per month.

NurseryNursery :: For our league members with children, on most nights of the week, you can bring your littlest family members to our Nursery. It is stocked with toys, desks and a friendly staff member to keep the little ones occupied, happy and learning. It's a fun spot for children to interact with one another while Mom and Dad bowl those strikes. This is a no cost option for League members only. We provide light snacks for the kids to enjoy while they play. We keep the Nursery staffed on all League nights.

Our littlest customersThe parents manage all child care duties such as changing. Our attendant will page the parent when such attention is needed. Misbehavior on the part of children is dealt with gently through the use of timeout. In the event that unacceptable behavior continues, the parents will be paged to deal with it directly. All children must be signed in by the parents, and children above the age of 7 need permission to enter the Nursery and must also be signed in.

This is just one more way that Smyrna Bowling Center makes itself family friendly and convenient. Please remember this is for league member families only, and is not a licensed child care facility. Its use depends on league families taking responsibility for signing in children and observing all rules.

Open 24 7 365
Meeting Room at SBCReady for a professional eventWhen your company or group needs to hold a dinner, awards ceremony or just a party, we can be your hosts. We have three different meeting areas available.

Main Meeting Room :: Seating for up to 80 for presentations and can comfortably accommodate 50 for a dinner with presentation. This area features a private restroom and a separate sink and bar area.

Spare Time Café :: Particularly well suited to hosting parties, the Spare Time Café can be rented to provide a dinner and meeting space that can easily accommodate up to 40. This area features direct access to the snack bar and kitchen services areas. With access to 6 televisions, 2 pool tables, and a direct view of the bowling lanes, this is an especially fun space.

Nursery :: Our Nursery can be easily converted to a dinner/meeting space able to comfortably accommodate 20 people. This area also features access to yet another private restroom.

Meeting Room rental requires a $25 non refundable reservation and clean up fee covers the first hour of use, and $25 for each hour thereafter. Rate includes tables and chair set up. We can set up the tables and podium in a variety of arrangements to support the function of your particular event. Smyrna Bowling Center would like to host your next meeting in a fun environment that can really get your attendees charged up.

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