Tournaments at Smyrna Bowling Center

League play is at the heart of the action at Smyrna Bowling Center. Friendly competition and good times are available all the time for folks who join our Leagues. We make every effort to make the prospect of joining a league and bowling in competition with a group of people for a number of weeks friendly and attractive. League benefits like Open Bowling Discounts, Pro Shop Discounts, and our Nursery for League member families are great perks.


There are also a number of ways which Smyrna Bowling Center serves the needs of league bowlers that are different from the way many other bowling centers handle league play.

  • Leagues Starting Year Round - Many bowling centers work from a set schedule where all leagues run from September to April. Smyrna Bowling Center offers flexibility, with leagues starting all the time.
  • Short Season Friendly - 8, 10, 12, 16, 32 weeks? Your league decides the length of weeks you play. It's your league!
  • No League Contracts - Gone are the days where bowling centers require league players to sign a contract pledging participation.
  • Free Bowling Intro Party - Very few bowling centers offer a free night of bowling at the start of a league, but Smyrna Bowling Center does.

Our fun leagues are just about that. They are are all about the fun. Let's just relax and bowl. In fact, the only rule is to "Have Fun". Give em a try.

For the more serious league bowler, we have many leagues which are sanctioned by the USBC. With prize money on the line, these leagues are fun and exciting.

To Join a Forming League :: Click the Forming League's name to generate a message concerning your interest which will be sent to General Manager Chris James. You may also call us at 615-355-0501.

To View a Current League's Standings ::
Click the Current League's name

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