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January 31, 2010

Update on Roof Collapse

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To all of our extended Smyrna Bowling Family…thanks so much for the thoughts, prayers, comments, and offers to help us during this trying time! Roy & Sue are strengthened by the show of support this community has already given. We are all working very hard to do what we can to reopen as quickly as possible, but this will be a slow process. The damage was quite extensive, and we are still in the beginning stages of repair. Please stay tuned with us as we will give updates every few days to keep all informed.

January 30, 2010

Roof Collapse

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On Saturday morning at about 2A.M. part of our roof  gave way to the weight of the snow and ice. The extent of the damage is still being assessed. There were no injuries. The bowling center is closed while we clean up this mess. We will update everybody as soon as we know more.

January 29, 2010

Winter Weather Cancels Friday Leagues

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Winter weather has struck Middle Tennessee, making travel on the roads dangerous.  Due to the conditions on the roadways, all leagues on Friday evening have canceled competition.  These cancellations will extend the finishing dates for the leagues affected.

The leagues that have canceled are Friday Niters, Mt. View, and Misfits (City of LaVergne).

January 25, 2010

Senior League Bowlers Prove Age Is Just A Number

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Smyrna Senior League Bowlers Dot Tucker and Richard Magyar are proof positive that bowling is a lifetime sport. Tucker and Magyar both will turn 90 years old this year but don’t ask either of them if they intend on slowing down. Tucker has bowled for over 40 years and bowled a high game of 224 last season. She proclaims with a mischievious grin “it’s my hobby, it’s why i retired!” Magyar, on the other hand, only began bowling at the age of 84. In that short time he has bowled a high game of 276! Magyar says he took up the sport for “exercise and pleasure” and also states “I would rather bowl than take pills.” It is clear that these seniors are truly doing what they enjoy. If you would like to join Dot, Richard and the rest of the Smyrna Senior League please contact our staff at 355-0501 .

January 22, 2010


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Tennessee’s best high school bowlers will once again descend upon Smyrna Bowling Center. The TSSAA Bowling State Tournament will be held January 28 – 30 and once again promises to be an exciting and competitive event. Both male and female bowlers will compete in singles and team competition over the three days. Spectators are welcome and tickets are available at the door. To find out which individuals and teams will be competing this year go to or you may call the center directly at 615-355-0501

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