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Standard & Whole Center Group Parties

Smyrna Bowling Center accommodates Youth Group Events of any size. Based on an hourly, per child rate, we offer the opportunity for the best fun and value with No Weather Concerns! Your martial arts school need a fun reward event? Church group ready to do an over night lock in? School class ready for a fun and educational field trip? No Problem! We will do our best to tailor the details of your event to your Youth Groups particular needs, and handle all the details ahead of time so that you can help your group enjoy the most important part, the fun!

* In all cases we ask that you allow a half hour for Preparation in addition to the bowling.

Ready to schedule your Event? Tell us about it with our Event Planning Form, or call us to discuss your event at (615) 355-0501.

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Hourly Rates :: Our hourly rate for Youth Group Bowling Includes Unlimited Bowling & Shoes. These rates are available Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Friday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

1hr. - $3.00
2hrs - $5.00
3hrs - $6.00

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Lunch Special - $4.50 ::

Soft Drink & Pizza (Two Slices), or...
Choice of Hot Dog, Corn Dog, Chicken Tenders or Grilled Cheese
choice of side item from Small Fries, Tots or Chips

Snack Special - $2.00 ::

Soft Drink or Small Icee & Chips

* Please add one half hour to your visit plan to accommodate lunch.

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Make the Visit Educational :: There are a number of aspects of bowling which can be used as teaching tools.

Physical Education / Health - Life Sport, Weight Lifting & Fine Motor Skills

History of Bowling & Facility Tour - Must book 2 hours minimum

Math - Learn and use manual scoring for groups

English - Written composition covering the visit

Social - Learn etiquette and follow the rules of bowling

Science - Learn the physics of bowling and equipment

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